Hey guys, thanks alot for all the attention that this blog have gained recently. I do feel a bit sad that i don’t have any updates, but it is not because I haven’t been doing anything interesting.

I have begun digging deep into the BlinkScript node, and have made some quite interesting things such a a Open VDB Reader and renderer.

The thing is, recently I begun making so much progress that it would not make sense to post anything here, as it would be outdated the very next day. I had the issue, that I was jumping from research project to research project, gaining alot of knowledge but without finishing them up for release. So i decided to go back and work through each of them one by one.

So instead of posting a ton of posts here i have begun posting incremental updates on my twitter https://twitter.com/xads  and once the projects round up i will post full updates here.

The rough plan is that i start with some of the 2D processing scripts, then the 3D version of those, and then the voxel renderer.