I am super bussy as always and have not had the time to finish the release version of LUE. I have however made a striped down version that works with Nuke Studio.

LUE for NUKE Studio is a trimmed version of the LUE toolset, giving you a basic 3 way Lift Gamma Gain panel.


You got a Blackpoint, Whitepoint, Offset and Saturation slider, along with a dropdown to pick your grading color space. The grading colorspace does not change the colorspace of the image, but allow you to change the way that the lift, gamma and gain controllers affect your image. For example Gamma 2.4 gives a very mild Lift while Linear gives you a very rough Lift.

The toolset should be available on Nukepedia.com shortly. This works in Nuke and Nuke Studio, and I guess with the addition of soft effects in the latest version of Hiero, this should support Hiero aswell.

LUE Grading for Nuke Studio from Hagbarth on Vimeo.