(At the 05:00 minute mark)

I have gotten a lot of mails regarding the “inclusion of stickit in Nuke 10” as demoed at Siggraph.
But no, its a coincidental same time development, and I have no involvement in that nor take any credit for their innovation.
Shortly after releasing the first demo of Stickit, i got a little note from “someone” at “some big company” that TheFoundry had privately demoed something that looks a lot like Stickit but using Ocula tech.
Intrigued by this i downloaded the Ocula demo, and made a tool to make a temporal offset vector from the Ocula vector generator, and it was a nearly identical result to what stickit could deliver, (because its mostly the same).

Im really looking forward to see their implementation and see if they could get around some of the shortcomings that i encountered.