Silk for Nuke available this week.

December 15, 2016


Update: Its available now at Nukepedia


SILK have been on the shelf for a year now, along with a few other tools, but I finally finished it yesterday.  The tool is like a blur, godrays or any other 2d processing effect. You apply it to your footage and it outputs these silk streaks. This video from early last year shows this quite well. I don’t exactly know what it should be used for, but it looks quite interesting, so maybe someone is going to be able to use it for something.

It should be ready on Nukepedia any moment, and hope you can make use of it. (if you can.. please tell me)

Here is a little example video:

And here is a more indepth rundown of the features, most of which is being displayed on a fBm noise:

And the node itself…


This was the original demo posted 10 months ago:

Nuke Point Rendering Engine – Introduction

September 11, 2016

I have hit the wall, trying to create magic effects using points in the Nuke Scanline render a bit too many times. It is slow, does not do anti aliasing and for some reason there are limits to how many points you can have. One example is the particle system that cannot do more than 2 million points per system. That is the reason why i started working on the point render engine, along with the voxel render and weave, as highlighted in my “A Few Updates” post, earlier this year.


The original version was just the point rendering, but it have expanded greatly since that. I am looking forward to tell more about this in the near future, but in the meantime you can see much of the progress on my Twitter. And you are welcome to drop me a line if you have any requests or ideas.

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Nuke TrackAssist

July 5, 2016

Here is a little breakdown of a tool i created called TrackAssist. Based on the core of my StickIt toolset, this tool uses the CameraTracker node to generate relative motion to guide tracking points, in areas where the 2D tracker would fail. It has the option to triangulate or a full frame median. One of the major advantages is that you can use this tool with roto or keying, and that it can track areas that are off-frame.

Another tool in this series is RotoAssist, that like this tool works a bit like a planar tracker, that unlike the Nuke Planar Tracker supports masksing and keying.


[Footage from a beauty project i helped work on, check out for the full shot]