Nuke Point Rendering Engine – Introduction

September 11, 2016

I have hit the wall, trying to create magic effects using points in the Nuke Scanline render a bit too many times. It is slow, does not do anti aliasing and for some reason there are limits to how many points you can have. One example is the particle system that cannot do more than 2 million points per system. That is the reason why i started working on the point render engine, along with the voxel render and weave, as highlighted in my “A Few Updates” post, earlier this year.


The original version was just the point rendering, but it have expanded greatly since that. I am looking forward to tell more about this in the near future, but in the meantime you can see much of the progress on my Twitter. And you are welcome to drop me a line if you have any requests or ideas.

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Nuke TrackAssist

July 5, 2016

Here is a little breakdown of a tool i created called TrackAssist. Based on the core of my StickIt toolset, this tool uses the CameraTracker node to generate relative motion to guide tracking points, in areas where the 2D tracker would fail. It has the option to triangulate or a full frame median. One of the major advantages is that you can use this tool with roto or keying, and that it can track areas that are off-frame.

Another tool in this series is RotoAssist, that like this tool works a bit like a planar tracker, that unlike the Nuke Planar Tracker supports masksing and keying.


[Footage from a beauty project i helped work on, check out for the full shot]

Weave Teaser

July 5, 2016

Here is the first teaser for my Nuke Blinkscript called Weave.

Too much progress!

May 18, 2016

Hey guys, thanks alot for all the attention that this blog have gained recently. I do feel a bit sad that i don’t have any updates, but it is not because I haven’t been doing anything interesting.

I have begun digging deep into the BlinkScript node, and have made some quite interesting things such a a Open VDB Reader and renderer.

The thing is, recently I begun making so much progress that it would not make sense to post anything here, as it would be outdated the very next day. I had the issue, that I was jumping from research project to research project, gaining alot of knowledge but without finishing them up for release. So i decided to go back and work through each of them one by one.

So instead of posting a ton of posts here i have begun posting incremental updates on my twitter  and once the projects round up i will post full updates here.

The rough plan is that i start with some of the 2D processing scripts, then the 3D version of those, and then the voxel renderer.